226 Homes Avenue


Building 226 Homes Avenue

Boston, MA, USA

E+ // 226-232 Highland Street Townhouses


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This building has a 1 year timeline with 1 green activity.


E+ // 226-232 Highland Street Townhouses
reported on 04/23/2015
Top Ten Award
AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects

Walk Score®: 86/100


Building Details

Space Type(s) Residential
CBSA Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH
USGBC Chapter Massachusetts Chapter
EPA Region New England
NHCS Urban Rural Classification Large central metro
Utility Provider Boston Edison Co.
architect Interface Studio Architects (ISA) and Urbanica Design
other The payback analysis for the 65kW photovoltaic array is 2.32 years with an annual carbon offset of 31.6 tons CO2 per year. 30-year Investment Yield (IRR) is 27.52%. 30-year Net Present Value is $99,443.00. Property values increase is $91.612.00.
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