1 Mutual Ave


Building 1 Mutual Ave

Frankenmuth, MI, USA

Frankenmuth Insurance


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This building has a 1 year timeline with 1 green activity.


Walk Score®: 45/100


Building Details

Space Type(s) Bank Branch
CBSA Saginaw-Saginaw Township North, MI
USGBC Chapter Detroit Regional Chapter
EPA Region Great Lakes
ASHRAE Climate Zone ASHRAE Climate Zone #5
NHCS Urban Rural Classification Small metro
Utility Provider Consumers Energy Co.
Building Type Bank Branch
Building Owner Frankenmuth Insurance
Property Manager Frankenmuth Insurance
Label Year(s) 2011
Rating(s) 75
Year Constructed 1993
Number of Years Certified 1
Certification Years 2011
Score(s) 75
Property type Bank Branch
Year constructed 1993
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