45 Clarence Street


Building 45 Clarence Street

Sydney NSW, Australia

45 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, 45-53 Clarence Street, WT Partnership NSW


An Office building with 1,264 square meters. First green activity in 2013.

Activity Why It's Green

This building is green because it has 3 green activities that achieved outcomes of energy efficient operations.

Green Projects
Green Star Registered
Certificate: Base Building
4.5 Stars

People/Organizations who worked on this building

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WT Partnership NSW
registered on 10/22/2015
Green Star Registered
Green Star - Interiors v1
45-53 Clarence Street
awarded on 01/01/2015
Certificate: Base Building
45 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
awarded on 12/13/2013
4.5 Stars
NABERS (Energy only: 2009-2014)