1775 Richardsville Rd


Building 1775 Richardsville Rd

Bowling Green, KY, USA

Richardsville Elementary School, Richardsville Elementary


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This building has an 8 year timeline with 10 green activities.


Richardsville Elementary School
reported on 02/04/2015
Verified Zero Energy Building
NBI Zero Energy Buildings 2015
Richardsville Elementary School
reported on 01/14/2014
Case Study
NBI Getting to Zero 2014
Richardsville Elementary
reported on 01/01/2013
Case Study
NBI Getting to Zero 2012
Richardsville Elementary School
reported on 04/23/2012
ED Green Ribbon Schools Award 2012
Richardsville Elementary
reported on 01/01/2011
Solar Installed
The Solar Foundation National Solar Schools Census
Richardsville Elementary School
registered on 09/10/2008
LEED for Schools 2007
Richardsville Elementary
NCES Public Schools

Walk Score®: 9/100


Building Details

Owner Type(s) State Government
Space Type(s) K-12
CBSA Bowling Green, KY
USGBC Chapter Kentucky Chapter
EPA Region Southeast
ASHRAE Climate Zone ASHRAE Climate Zone #4
NHCS Urban Rural Classification Small metro
Utility Provider Warren Rural Electric Coop Corp.
school level Primary
lowest grade taught Prekindergarten
highest grade taught 6th Grade
school type Regular School
charter school No
operational status Open
total enrollment 460
Building Type K-12 School
Building Owner Warren County Public Schools
Label Year(s) 2016, 2014, 2012
Rating(s) 100, 100, 100
Year Constructed 2010
Number of Years Certified 4
Certification Years 2012, 2014, 2016, 2020
Score(s) 100, 100, 100, 100
Property type K-12 School
Year constructed 2010
solar capacity kw 348.00
system type PV
year installed 2011
installer Morton Solar & Wind
lowest grade Prekindergarten
highest grade 6th Grade
total students 442
total building actual eui 18
site renewable eui 18
net building eui 0
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