Mitterweg 1


Building Mitterweg 1

Leiblfing, Germany

Neubau Verwaltungsgebaeude, Verwaltungsgebäude Max Frank


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This building has a 1 year timeline with 3 green activities including a LEED Gold certification.


Neubau Verwaltungsgebaeude
awarded on 11/30/2015
LEED NC 2009
Neubau Verwaltungsgebaeude
registered on 04/14/2015
LEED NC 2009
Verwaltungsgebäude Max Frank
awarded on 01/01/2015
Certificate Gold
DGNB Unknown


Building Details

Owner Type(s) Corporate: Privately Held
Space Type(s) Office
Usage Profile Unknown
Site Evaluation Score 70.8 %
Ecological quality 67.9 %
Economic quality 65.8 %
Sociocultural and functional quality 67.5 %
Technical quality 77.8 %
Process quality 65.4 %
Applicant Max Frank GmbH&Co KG
Architect HIW Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH
Year of completion 2015
DGNB Auditor Hartwig, Joost for: ina Planungsgesellschaft mbH
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